Join our Kickstarter campaign to promote the album! Nov. 25, 2011, 9:19 p.m.

SurfGuitar101 and Double Crown Records join forces to create new surf music promotional campaign for Brave New Surf.

The impetus behind this album is twofold. First, to present some of the very best surf bands playing today. Secondly, to use this compilation as a promotional tool to expose new audiences to this great music. Double Crown Records agreed to print up extra copies of the album with the sole purpose of sending them out to music reviewers, websites and magazines. But to do this will take extra funds. Packaging and postage costs add up quick, thus we came up with this Kickstarter project.

Please go to our Kickstarter page and check out all the premiums and make a donation if you can. Absolutely 100% of all funds donated will go towards the promotion of this record and if we're successful this may lead to more releases. If you can, share the project on all your social media and email all your friends. This is our big push to get surf music out into a more public consciousness and our success depends upon you.

Remember, there is a limited time for this campaign, it concludes on Friday Dec 9th, so we have to reach our goal by then.

UPDATE: We reached our goal - thanks to all of you that contributed! We should have the addresses for all of the contributors shortly and will send out all of the premium packages as quickly as possible. The funds are already being used to promote the release - stuff like mailing supplies, postage, etc. so far. We will be sending out over 100 promo discs to radio stations, podcasters, newspapers, magazines, fanzines, music review sites, and blogs - just about anyone that we think would care to listen to the disc and play it or review it.

Welcome to Brave New Surf! Nov. 25, 2011, 8:32 p.m.

The site has launched! Welcome to the website to promote the new compilation CD Brave New Surf. This site will allow you to listen to some music samples, watch some videos from the bands, keep up on news & reviews, and of course, to buy yourself and your friends a CD!

Stay tuned, we will have some news about a kickstarter project to raise funds to promote this CD.